The project

Virtual Science is born from my desire to share my teaching experience with other teachers in sciences and in particular the application of new technologies in teaching, virtual education and e-learning in general.
For a long time I was interested in information technologya dn a few years ago I discovered virtual worlds particularly Opensim.
Many schools and universities are taking advantage of this great opportunity.
In the field of education, particularly in science and technology, it is useful to simulate phenomena, to study the geometry of solids and rebuilding natural environments.
In fact, the modeling of scientific phenomena is important to understand them, considering that a fun and motivating environment is essential for learning.
The project is based on the building of  a 3D virtual world by an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D software called OpenSim for educational purposes.
Thanks to Opensim I created Techland with the intention to promote the approach of studying science with curiosity. I intend to  stimulate their creativity and imagination whilst testing the perspective and the impact on teaching.
Techland is a virtual world installed on a server managed by myself and is made up of a group of thematic virtual islands with educational purposes, dedicated to mathematics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences where you can "fly" in an atom, in a cell, or walk on a stretch of a coastal marsh or sit astride a line.
Access to the OpenSim virtual world takes place through an avatar.
You only need to have the minimum PC system requirements, an internet connection and a program that acts as a graphical user interface (viewer).

Educational objectives

One of the islands of Techland is dedicated to the study of geometry and has been designed to create a sort of "full immersion" in the discipline in order to make it less difficult and more appealing.
Mathland is the "city of mathematics" with a futuristic and technological aspect.  It was born and developed on a platform built on the sea of Techland, with the purpose of:
- simplifying the learning of geometry and making it fun without abandoning scientific precision;
-Let students' approach to science be fun
- reducing the gap between school and the students language using the same technologies they use every day  so that the proposed contents are learned more effectively;
- developing  "full immersion" teaching;
- going beyond the concept of "classroom" as the only learning environment
- promoting long distance cooperation;
- encouraging personalized training and, at the same time, directing students towards the proper use of internet and everything is virtual.

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Michelina Occhioni
(aka  Michelle Techland)

E' in noi che i paesaggi
hanno paesaggio.
Percio' se li immagino li creo; se li creo esistono;
se esistono li vedo. [...]
La vita è cio'
che facciamo di essa.
I viaggi sono i viaggiatori. Cio' che vediamo
non è cio' che vediamo,
ma cio' che siamo.

Fernando Pessoa

Thanks to Akim Alonzo, Vicus Serenity, Licu Rau, Marcus73 Core, Silvestro Dagostino