Mathland, the city of math, is a virtual world built with OpenSim, an open source 3D software server, and it is  part of Techland, a group of thematic islands dedicated to mathematics and science. Geometry topics are  developed as a sort of urban path both care-free and guided.
Through avatar mediation, it is possible to move  around the city, build objects and interact with them and with other avatars. Every object is animated by  scripts and it is a dynamic representation of a geometric property as a 3D paragraph of a full immersive book,  and displays information better than any pictures could.
Mathland come from my desire to teach mathematics  with fun.
Teachers can combine both innovative communication and the "classic" lesson by using this virtual  world on an interactive whiteboard or they can teach directly “in-world” to students grouped in virtual  communities. Target: Students from 11-14 years old.
I have been experimenting this virtual world from 2010.
This project is been selected to participate in “Science on Stage 2013” - Slubice, 25-28 April 2013

A copy of Mathland is open for visitors at the Craft Grid