OpenSimulator (OpenSim for short) is an open-source 3-D application server software to create independent virtual worlds (Standalone mode) or multiple independent regions (called sims) connected to a centralized grid (Grid mode). It can reside in a single personal computer or on a server reachable from a local area network or the internet.
It can be downoloaded at
In the specific case I am using my self-managed Linux server to run OpenSim under Mono and in Standalone mode, storing data on a MySQL Database, configuring the server to be accessed from the internet by authorized teachers and students.
To view contents of the world and to log in with your personal avatar, a graphical interface user called viewer (such as Singularity or Imprudence) is necessary.
To download them:

In the world you can terraforming terrain, personalize your avatar, build objects, instant chat or talk with other avatars and interact with objects. In addition you can take snapshots or make videos with the screen capture software (machinima technique).
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