Techland is a group of a dozen thematic islands dedicated to maths, chemistry, biology and earth science . It is based on OpenSimulator and resides on a Linux server , owned and managed by myself. All data are stored in a MySQL database. Techland is configured to be accessed from the internet only by authorized teachers and students, and runs in a Standalone mode, as a private world, for security reasons, for the protection of underage students.
Generally we use imprudence or singularity to log into the world
Every island covers a specific subject or facility.
-Techland is the Welcome Area, where the initial information is found, and where students can reach the other islands by the teleport system. Here the ongoing projects are displayed.
-Bioland is dedicated to environmental and cellular biology.
-Earthland is the place where students learn earth science.
-Chemland concerns to the structure of matter and chemical reactions.
-Powerland is dedicated to renewable energies, particularly hydro, solar and wind energy
-Waterland focuses on water.
-Mathland is the city of math.
-Techstore and Tech Sandbox are service sims that support all activities.
The first is a big Store, where textures, small objects, avatar apparel accessories and scripts are found;
the second is a building area where students are free to enjoy with primitives, the basic geometric building shapes, and learn how to build.

Techland has been officially presented at the convention DIDAMATICA 2012, may 2012, Taranto, Italy